Should you invest in a renewable bond after the UK autumn statement?

Should you invest in a renewable bond after the UK autumn statement?

A lot of people are mulling over whether to jump into the fast-growing renewables sector and invest in a renewable bond, especially following the Chancellor’s autumn statement.

Some were pleased with what Philip Hammond had to say about the renewables sector while others believe he could have given it more backing. From our point of view, there’s a lot to be excited about in both the short- and long-term, and that people can jump on the industry’s momentum if they invest in a renewable bond.

For those looking to buy a renewable bond they can get access to potential fixed returns of 9% from a low entry-level fee depending on the options they choose. And with Chancellor Hammond putting some backing toward green infrastructure, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to clean energy generation.

Invest in a renewable bond to support the UK’s green infrastructure

The Chancellor announced more low-carbon transport funding and a continued cap on the Carbon Floor Price until 2020. With it being his first budget though, Philip Hammond offered a more cautious short-term view with more announcements on green energy likely to be saved until the 2017 budget.

Some of the biggest praise came from Dr Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace, who said: “It is good news the Government has heeded the call to provide certainty and stability for investors and business. This is a policy that needs to stay in place until the historic coal phaseout is locked in and renewables plus battery storage and interconnectors are lined up to fill the gap in the long run.”

Again, positive news to point to for people looking at a renewable bond. Doug Parr points out that it’s the future of the sector that looks rosiest as clean energy trends continue to rise, meaning those investing in a renewable bond now can see some potentially serious long-term financial growth.

Buy a renewable bond as a secure fixed term investment opportunity

Beyond the government and we feel a renewable bond should be seriously considered because of the leanings toward the clean energy movement both at home and abroad. Many have wondered, with more right-leaning politicians taking office, whether renewables face a cloudy future.

We, and many others, believe they don’t. Fossil fuels around the globe are in the process of being phased out and the renewables industry continues to go from strength to strength.

Just recently the UK’s energy mix saw half of the country’s output come from renewables including wind power, solar and others during Q3 2016. That’s not something that can be easily reversed, nor is there really the appetite to do so. Investors can feel assured that a renewable future is not only within our grasp, but a serious way for investors to grow their money through serious clean energy projects.

Choosing to invest in a renewable bond can provide you with fixed returns alongside quarterly, bi-annual or capital growth payment options. It can also help to support and grow the UK’s renewable industry alongside your savings. Contact Heron Global Partners to find out more.

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