More people are investing in a renewable bond and opposing fracking

More people are investing in a renewable bond and opposing fracking

One of the main draws of investing in a renewable bond – alongside the impressive potential fixed returns that certain options can provide – is that it helps to support the clean energy movement.

For some, the decision to buy a renewable bond is a direct opposition to industries such as fracking. The controversies around fracking are already known worldwide, and it’s interesting to see that public backing for the practice has reached its lowest ever level.

According to a government survey, only 17% of those in the UK support the shale extraction process while a third oppose it. 48% have no opinion. That opposition (and indifference) to fracking is just one of the reasons why people are looking to grow their money through the potentially high returns on offer from investing in a renewable bond.

Why investing in a renewable bond could be better than fracking

There are so many reasons why fracking may look an unattractive proposition, not just from an energy collection perspective but from an investment one, too. Unlike a renewable bond, fracking through drilling comes with many environmental trade-offs.

Recently they have been outlined in what is seen as a damaging report on the practice, which is said to have been supressed by ministers. The report highlights that fracking comes with issues such as water contamination, noise and air pollution and falling house prices. Tourism and agriculture can also be affected.

A separate report by the Scottish government has highlighted how fracking can be harmful to people’s health, with workers on-site at risk of breathing in dangerous crystalline silica. There was also a possibility of airborne and waterborne hazards finding their way into local communities too, according to the report.

Is it any wonder, then, why people are considering investing in a renewable bond instead of backing fracking?

Buy a renewable bond and be part of the clean energy sector

Obviously, for the sake of transparency, there are undoubtedly both positive and negative aspects of an investment into a renewable bond or the shale industry.

What’s becoming harder to refute, though, is the impact that the shale gas industry can potentially have on people’s health and the wider environment. Public support in the UK, too, is incredibly high for renewable energy projects with 79% backing clean technologies, with only 4% opposed.

Within the corridors of power fracking is also meeting with strong opposition, with Labour MP Caroline Flint recently calling for fracking taxes to be spent on boosting the green energy sector and helping to spearhead innovation.

Activists are out in their droves across the UK to stop the industry in its tracks. As well as helping investors make seriously high potential returns on their money, renewable bonds can also be another way to oppose the fracking industry and all it stands for.

A renewable bond is more than helping the clean energy sector grow. With potential returns of 9% and the option to be paid quarterly in an asset-backed, fixed-return government supported sector, Heron Global Partners can help you grow your savings in a green way.

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