Renewable energy investments can be ethical and economical

Renewable energy investments can be ethical and economical

Renewable energy investments are known as a way to back the clean energy sector, but is it really a viable way to make serious money and grow your savings?

We firmly believe they can, and that positive trends in renewable energy investments show that making potentially high returns while supporting a green ideology can indeed exist together as a viable financial solution.

In fact people that have previously backed global renewable energy investments will likely have seen their faith pay off as traditional non-renewable energy stock prices tumble and struggle to recover.

Why you should focus on trends in renewable energy investments

Renewable energy investments have also been given the backing of Barclays Research, with the group adamant that investors putting money into clean energy bonds can not only diversify a portfolio but bring them potentially high returns, too.

Jess Staley, CEO of Barclays sums up the popularity of renewable energy investments by stating: “The growing awareness of and support for responsible investing has led to it becoming inherent to the investment processes of many institutional investors.”

It’s not just savers looking to grow their money from renewable energy investments, but entire countries, too. Canada has recently committed to phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2030, instead transitioning to renewable energy solutions such as wind. Canada has committed $21.9 billion of investment over 11 years for green infrastructure to help it reach its 90% clean energy target.

More and more countries are following Canada’s lead, and that can only present more and better opportunities for investors to back clean energy projects whilst growing their savings in an effective manner.

Chinese investors, for instance, are making waves in Latin America currently, investing in growing the region’s clean energy infrastructure whilst reaping the financial benefits at the same time. For the future health of the planet, such dealings can only be a positive solution.

Grow your savings by backing global renewable energy investments

For people looking to invest their money into the renewables sector, there’s some interesting news from the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index, published by EY. According to their data, European countries are again on the rise when it comes to attractiveness in the investment opportunities they offer.

The report also points out that Europe has seen the greatest share of renewable bond activity than anywhere else, with $54.9 billion in green bonds issued in Europe since 2007. The European market’s seen as particularly attractive for investors thanks to unique weather patterns and areas such as the North Sea, a development favourite when it comes to wind power.

With the green bond market increasing in size by 50% since last year, the market gives people looking to grow their savings ample opportunity to back a clean energy sector that will help the planet and provide potentially high returns, too.

Backing the right renewable energy investments can not only help the world achieve reliance on clean energy solutions, but it can also potentially give investors returns of up to 9%, paid quarterly. Contact Heron Global Partners to find out more.

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