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Why buy a renewable energy bond as the UK says bye to coal

Why buy a renewable energy bond as the UK says bye to coal

Just one of the many reasons that investors are choosing to buy a renewable energy bond? Because the money can help contribute to ethical, clean renewable energy projects.

That’s a huge factor for a number of people looking to diversify their portfolios when they invest in a renewable energy bond. The opportunity to seriously grow savings through renewables may also become a lot more appealing in the near future too, as the UK looks to phase out coal entirely.

Why it makes financial sense to buy a renewable energy bond

The UK government has recently announced that it is looking to completely phase out electricity generation using coal. Instead, it wants to back more renewable sources of energy, such as offshore wind and marine projects.

That’s according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. This will be music to the ears of anyone looking to buy a renewable energy bond and grow their money. For the rest of this Parliament, £730 million of annual support will be spent on renewable energy projects.

In fact, numerous projects across the UK appear to be pulling together to help the country meet its future renewable energy goals. Energy supplier Ecotricity has called for a push in farm digestion. Thousands of farmers are apparently able to help plug the government’s 12% deficit through biomethane solutions.

Plans already in place are starting to pay dividends too. Reports suggest that the UK managed to produce half of its energy from low-carbon sources for the first time ever in Q3 2016. Again, coal generation also dropped to its lowest point during this period, and was beaten by solar generation.

The data, provided by the Electric Insights Quarterly report, cites “the dramatic rise of renewable energy” for the statistics, with wind, solar and biomass producing 20% of our clean energy.

Get potential returns of 9% when you invest in a renewable bond

That’s fantastic news for people interested in growing their money through a renewable bond option. Renewable energy production and infrastructure is on the rise, not just in the UK but across the globe. This means there are numerous opportunities for people to support the sector, if they want to buy a renewable bond.

Argentina has recently announced that it is set to award $4 billion in grants to renewable energy developers. According to energy minister Juan Jose Aranguren, this money will mainly go towards wind and solar projects.

Iran’s renewable sector is also set to see massive growth. Meanwhile, Morocco has totally transformed the way it generates and stores energy, in the hope of becoming 100% renewable sooner rather than later.

While it isn’t the end of coal just yet, many other countries are looking to phase the non-renewable out of their energy plans. The growing list includes France, Canada, Austria, Germany and many others. Mass renewable energy and a low-carbon life is almost here. Time to take advantage and harness the economic benefits for yourself.

When you invest in a renewable bond, you’re also contributing towards the growth of the clean energy market. You could potentially be changing the way the nation (and the world) generates and consumes power. Contact the Heron Global Partners team today to find out more.

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How do property bonds work in the student housing market?

How do property bonds work in the student housing market?

The UK student housing market is attracting a lot of attention. So how do property bonds work at home and overseas?

According to research conducted by property firm Savills, mainland Europe saw a 21% year-on-year growth in student property investment volumes as of Q2 2016. UK and US student housing assets still saw the most investment in the first half of 2016, with the UK market seeing investments of £1.1 billion.

So, what does this increase mean when investing in property bonds?

Well, it gives people interested in property bonds more scope to grow their investments. This is particularly the case at a time when international enrolment is growing amidst a low provision of purpose-built student accommodation.

Is it worth investing in student property bonds?

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students to achieve a world-class education. This is particularly pertinent for students from countries such as India and China, where major UK universities have been focusing their recruitment efforts.

Reports are suggesting that, despite the impact the UK is going to feel from Brexit, student property is set to feel little in the way of shock. Certainly, it will suffer less than other sectors, due to the strength of the market.

A record 493,100 students have been placed for the 2016/17 academic year, according to figures from UCAS. This suggests there’s going to be little in the way of slowdown. Investment opportunities are available nationwide, with Leicester leading the way.

Continuing developments in cities across the UK such as in Liverpool, Preston and elsewhere will also cater for increasing numbers, helping to back up claims that the industry could be ‘Brexit-proof’.

Of course, it’s always wise to do your research when investing, rather than simply riding the crest of a wave.

How do property bonds work for the supported housing sector?

Student property does appear to be an investment worth making in the short-term. However, potentially bigger returns could be made by backing property bonds focused on the supported housing sector.

The student property sector, despite how lucrative it currently is, isn’t immune from criticism. Some are arguing that the market prices them out and doesn’t work for them. Possibly the most famous example is the £4,000 a week student flat in London’s Park Lane with a triple-height central atrium.

Investment opportunities such as this can be out of many people’s price range or simply unfeasible. If you have the opportunity to back such a venture; go ahead. For people interested in property bonds however, it’s possible to potentially make serious money on investments costing as little as £10,000. Furthermore, the supported housing sector offers excellent opportunities.

Property bonds with Heron Global Partners are fixed-return and in a government-backed sector. Investors help to provide new housing for vulnerable groups, in a sector that carries high yields from an investment perspective.

How do property bonds work for your savings? By growing your money in the high-yielding, government-supported supported housing sector, providing investors fixed returns of up to 8.5% over a five-year term. Get in touch to find out more.

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Investing in renewable energy as a cultural value

Investing in renewable energy as a cultural value

‘Renewable energy’ and ‘work of art’ rarely appear in the same sentence. However, certain countries are really leading the way when it comes to investing in renewable energy.

When renewable solutions first became commercial and commonplace, solar panels were accused of ruining rooftops while wind turbines were widely blamed as a blight on the countryside.

Times are changing. Not only have attitudes generally eased up on renewables’ visuals thanks to their overall functionality, but designers are turning turbines and more into incredible structures. Their beauty is further complemented by their surroundings; nowhere more-so than in Helgeland, northern Norway. There sits the Ovre Forsland, a hydroelectric power station as stunning as the forest surrounding it.

The beauty of investing in renewable energy bonds

The Guardian believes the station is worthy of Grand Designs. As well as powering 1,600 homes, the station, built by architecture firm Stein Hamre Arkitektkontor, is designed to complement the spectacular visuals of the area. It has in itself become a visitor attraction.

It’s just one example of how the perception of clean energy design is changing. Numerous projects are in development to help improve the form of existing highly-functional green solutions; Wired, for instance, has previously highlighted that the future of wind turbines may be a bladeless one.

As incredible as those technological advances are, renewables can also take on other artistic forms with a bit of imagination. Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, for example, wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2020 and is building a solar farm in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

It’s an excellent PR move as well as a responsible clean energy solution. Better renewable energy designs are also appearing cross-industry, with BMW releasing a solar garage concept in 2014 as a clever way to charge their range of electric vehicles.

How to buy renewable energy bonds that grow your money

Designs such as these have helped capture investors’ imaginations and changed their minds about investing in renewable energy bonds.

Stunning, culturally-relevant renewable designs such as Dubai’s solar palm trees are turning heads and encouraging people to consider renewable energy bonds to diversify their portfolios and grow their money.

Renewable energy bonds are no longer an alternative investment. Rather, investing in renewable energy bonds can help investors get potential returns as high as 10% from low-level entry fees of £5,000 in a safe, asset-backed fixed-return way.

Projects such as the Grimshaw Aerogenerator though are certain to divide opinion; you can’t win them all, sadly… Despite that the advancements in technology and design potential of usually ordinary renewables solutions shows how far the medium is coming culturally, and how it’s entered the mainstream consciousness.

Renewable energy bonds are also fast entering the consciousness of savvy investors, too. Even the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has launched a green bond platform, showing how the future of investing no longer lies in the alternative realm.

If you’re looking into how to buy renewable energy bonds to grow your money and want to invest in renewable energy bonds with low entry fees and potentially high returns, contact the Heron Global Partners team today to find out more.

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Can you help Europe's small businesses grow with venture investment?

Can you help Europe’s small businesses grow with venture investment?

The European Union is calling on venture capitalists to help contribute to a €75 billion investment fund designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses.

That’s according to EU Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen who urged private investors to explore the opportunities currently available across the EU.

Last month the European Investment Fund (EIF) also announced €1 billion to help venture capitalists find new deals and investment opportunities, with Katainen suggesting that the EIF may be in line to receive more money from the European Union. (more…)

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