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Should you invest in a renewable bond after the UK autumn statement?

Should you invest in a renewable bond after the UK autumn statement?

A lot of people are mulling over whether to jump into the fast-growing renewables sector and invest in a renewable bond, especially following the Chancellor’s autumn statement.

Some were pleased with what Philip Hammond had to say about the renewables sector while others believe he could have given it more backing. From our point of view, there’s a lot to be excited about in both the short- and long-term, and that people can jump on the industry’s momentum if they invest in a renewable bond.

For those looking to buy a renewable bond they can get access to potential fixed returns of 9% from a low entry-level fee depending on the options they choose. And with Chancellor Hammond putting some backing toward green infrastructure, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to clean energy generation.

Invest in a renewable bond to support the UK’s green infrastructure

The Chancellor announced more low-carbon transport funding and a continued cap on the Carbon Floor Price until 2020. With it being his first budget though, Philip Hammond offered a more cautious short-term view with more announcements on green energy likely to be saved until the 2017 budget.

Some of the biggest praise came from Dr Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace, who said: “It is good news the Government has heeded the call to provide certainty and stability for investors and business. This is a policy that needs to stay in place until the historic coal phaseout is locked in and renewables plus battery storage and interconnectors are lined up to fill the gap in the long run.”

Again, positive news to point to for people looking at a renewable bond. Doug Parr points out that it’s the future of the sector that looks rosiest as clean energy trends continue to rise, meaning those investing in a renewable bond now can see some potentially serious long-term financial growth.

Buy a renewable bond as a secure fixed term investment opportunity

Beyond the government and we feel a renewable bond should be seriously considered because of the leanings toward the clean energy movement both at home and abroad. Many have wondered, with more right-leaning politicians taking office, whether renewables face a cloudy future.

We, and many others, believe they don’t. Fossil fuels around the globe are in the process of being phased out and the renewables industry continues to go from strength to strength.

Just recently the UK’s energy mix saw half of the country’s output come from renewables including wind power, solar and others during Q3 2016. That’s not something that can be easily reversed, nor is there really the appetite to do so. Investors can feel assured that a renewable future is not only within our grasp, but a serious way for investors to grow their money through serious clean energy projects.

Choosing to invest in a renewable bond can provide you with fixed returns alongside quarterly, bi-annual or capital growth payment options. It can also help to support and grow the UK’s renewable industry alongside your savings. Contact Heron Global Partners to find out more.

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More people are investing in a renewable bond and opposing fracking

More people are investing in a renewable bond and opposing fracking

One of the main draws of investing in a renewable bond – alongside the impressive potential fixed returns that certain options can provide – is that it helps to support the clean energy movement.

For some, the decision to buy a renewable bond is a direct opposition to industries such as fracking. The controversies around fracking are already known worldwide, and it’s interesting to see that public backing for the practice has reached its lowest ever level.

According to a government survey, only 17% of those in the UK support the shale extraction process while a third oppose it. 48% have no opinion. That opposition (and indifference) to fracking is just one of the reasons why people are looking to grow their money through the potentially high returns on offer from investing in a renewable bond.

Why investing in a renewable bond could be better than fracking

There are so many reasons why fracking may look an unattractive proposition, not just from an energy collection perspective but from an investment one, too. Unlike a renewable bond, fracking through drilling comes with many environmental trade-offs.

Recently they have been outlined in what is seen as a damaging report on the practice, which is said to have been supressed by ministers. The report highlights that fracking comes with issues such as water contamination, noise and air pollution and falling house prices. Tourism and agriculture can also be affected.

A separate report by the Scottish government has highlighted how fracking can be harmful to people’s health, with workers on-site at risk of breathing in dangerous crystalline silica. There was also a possibility of airborne and waterborne hazards finding their way into local communities too, according to the report.

Is it any wonder, then, why people are considering investing in a renewable bond instead of backing fracking?

Buy a renewable bond and be part of the clean energy sector

Obviously, for the sake of transparency, there are undoubtedly both positive and negative aspects of an investment into a renewable bond or the shale industry.

What’s becoming harder to refute, though, is the impact that the shale gas industry can potentially have on people’s health and the wider environment. Public support in the UK, too, is incredibly high for renewable energy projects with 79% backing clean technologies, with only 4% opposed.

Within the corridors of power fracking is also meeting with strong opposition, with Labour MP Caroline Flint recently calling for fracking taxes to be spent on boosting the green energy sector and helping to spearhead innovation.

Activists are out in their droves across the UK to stop the industry in its tracks. As well as helping investors make seriously high potential returns on their money, renewable bonds can also be another way to oppose the fracking industry and all it stands for.

A renewable bond is more than helping the clean energy sector grow. With potential returns of 9% and the option to be paid quarterly in an asset-backed, fixed-return government supported sector, Heron Global Partners can help you grow your savings in a green way.

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Why buy a renewable energy bond as the UK says bye to coal

Why buy a renewable energy bond as the UK says bye to coal

Just one of the many reasons that investors are choosing to buy a renewable energy bond? Because the money can help contribute to ethical, clean renewable energy projects.

That’s a huge factor for a number of people looking to diversify their portfolios when they invest in a renewable energy bond. The opportunity to seriously grow savings through renewables may also become a lot more appealing in the near future too, as the UK looks to phase out coal entirely.

Why it makes financial sense to buy a renewable energy bond

The UK government has recently announced that it is looking to completely phase out electricity generation using coal. Instead, it wants to back more renewable sources of energy, such as offshore wind and marine projects.

That’s according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. This will be music to the ears of anyone looking to buy a renewable energy bond and grow their money. For the rest of this Parliament, £730 million of annual support will be spent on renewable energy projects.

In fact, numerous projects across the UK appear to be pulling together to help the country meet its future renewable energy goals. Energy supplier Ecotricity has called for a push in farm digestion. Thousands of farmers are apparently able to help plug the government’s 12% deficit through biomethane solutions.

Plans already in place are starting to pay dividends too. Reports suggest that the UK managed to produce half of its energy from low-carbon sources for the first time ever in Q3 2016. Again, coal generation also dropped to its lowest point during this period, and was beaten by solar generation.

The data, provided by the Electric Insights Quarterly report, cites “the dramatic rise of renewable energy” for the statistics, with wind, solar and biomass producing 20% of our clean energy.

Get potential returns of 9% when you invest in a renewable bond

That’s fantastic news for people interested in growing their money through a renewable bond option. Renewable energy production and infrastructure is on the rise, not just in the UK but across the globe. This means there are numerous opportunities for people to support the sector, if they want to buy a renewable bond.

Argentina has recently announced that it is set to award $4 billion in grants to renewable energy developers. According to energy minister Juan Jose Aranguren, this money will mainly go towards wind and solar projects.

Iran’s renewable sector is also set to see massive growth. Meanwhile, Morocco has totally transformed the way it generates and stores energy, in the hope of becoming 100% renewable sooner rather than later.

While it isn’t the end of coal just yet, many other countries are looking to phase the non-renewable out of their energy plans. The growing list includes France, Canada, Austria, Germany and many others. Mass renewable energy and a low-carbon life is almost here. Time to take advantage and harness the economic benefits for yourself.

When you invest in a renewable bond, you’re also contributing towards the growth of the clean energy market. You could potentially be changing the way the nation (and the world) generates and consumes power. Contact the Heron Global Partners team today to find out more.

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These companies are all investing in renewable energy bonds

These companies are all investing in renewable energy bonds

Investing in renewable energy bonds is a serious venture for individuals to consider. After all, we’re living in a time where renewable energy growth is big business, and numerous companies are investing millions in the sector.

People seeking a serious financial opportunity should seriously consider how to invest in renewable energy bonds in order to achieve fixed-rate returns. By diversifying one’s investment to include a clean and ethical industry, renewable energy bonds can also help investors to take advantage of fast-paced trends.

We’ve mentioned the RE100 before; a group of the world’s largest companies (including Apple, Google and Microsoft) committed to running off 100% renewable energy.

Now, thanks to new introductions in the UK, smaller companies can now take advantage of a commercial renewable future.

Why investing in renewable energy bonds makes sense

Independent energy supplier Good Energy is making waves in the commercial scene after it launched online platform Selectricity. This is a peer-to-peer platform which promises to give businesses greater access to local renewable energy generators, in order to help them cut their carbon footprints.

Greater commercial access to renewable energy solutions is fantastic news for the UK, especially as the government is putting its support behind the project. In fact, the platform has been part-funded by the government in an effort to help businesses choose their energy solutions and run from cleaner energy.

It’s not a gimmick. The entire National Grid is also feverishly planning ahead to put itself in line with energy trends, and be ready for a future where the country is run on renewable energy.

The renewables sector is progressing rapidly not just in the UK, but across the globe. There are numerous serious commercial opportunities enabling investors to grow their savings, making a renewable energy bonds an extremely worthwhile option to consider.

How to invest in renewable energy bonds for potentially large returns

Renewable energy bonds are a fantastic opportunity for savers looking to grow their money in a world of negative interest rates. With the non-renewables industry still struggling, renewables can represent an impressive long-term investment opportunity.

What’s more, a lot of those clean energy opportunities can be found in the UK. Eight global renewable energy giants have recently come together, for instance, to put £500 million of investment into tidal wave projects off the coast of Anglesey.

At the same time, Aviva has invested into four English renewable energy projects, with a fifth project lined up, as the company looks to diversify its energy expenditure.

All the while, new research projects are aiming to make the North of England one of the world’s leading hubs for green energy manufacturing and export for residential and commercial benefits. Most importantly, the projects are going to focus on the economic benefits of renewables; something more and more people are waking up to, especially from an investment perspective.

Wondering how investing in renewable energy bonds can earn potential returns of 9% (depending on your options) in a fixed-return, asset-backed manner? Contact us today to find out more.

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Renewable energy investments can be ethical and economical

Renewable energy investments can be ethical and economical

Renewable energy investments are known as a way to back the clean energy sector, but is it really a viable way to make serious money and grow your savings?

We firmly believe they can, and that positive trends in renewable energy investments show that making potentially high returns while supporting a green ideology can indeed exist together as a viable financial solution.

In fact people that have previously backed global renewable energy investments will likely have seen their faith pay off as traditional non-renewable energy stock prices tumble and struggle to recover.

Why you should focus on trends in renewable energy investments

Renewable energy investments have also been given the backing of Barclays Research, with the group adamant that investors putting money into clean energy bonds can not only diversify a portfolio but bring them potentially high returns, too.

Jess Staley, CEO of Barclays sums up the popularity of renewable energy investments by stating: “The growing awareness of and support for responsible investing has led to it becoming inherent to the investment processes of many institutional investors.”

It’s not just savers looking to grow their money from renewable energy investments, but entire countries, too. Canada has recently committed to phasing out coal-fired electricity by 2030, instead transitioning to renewable energy solutions such as wind. Canada has committed $21.9 billion of investment over 11 years for green infrastructure to help it reach its 90% clean energy target.

More and more countries are following Canada’s lead, and that can only present more and better opportunities for investors to back clean energy projects whilst growing their savings in an effective manner.

Chinese investors, for instance, are making waves in Latin America currently, investing in growing the region’s clean energy infrastructure whilst reaping the financial benefits at the same time. For the future health of the planet, such dealings can only be a positive solution.

Grow your savings by backing global renewable energy investments

For people looking to invest their money into the renewables sector, there’s some interesting news from the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index, published by EY. According to their data, European countries are again on the rise when it comes to attractiveness in the investment opportunities they offer.

The report also points out that Europe has seen the greatest share of renewable bond activity than anywhere else, with $54.9 billion in green bonds issued in Europe since 2007. The European market’s seen as particularly attractive for investors thanks to unique weather patterns and areas such as the North Sea, a development favourite when it comes to wind power.

With the green bond market increasing in size by 50% since last year, the market gives people looking to grow their savings ample opportunity to back a clean energy sector that will help the planet and provide potentially high returns, too.

Backing the right renewable energy investments can not only help the world achieve reliance on clean energy solutions, but it can also potentially give investors returns of up to 9%, paid quarterly. Contact Heron Global Partners to find out more.

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The world's renewable energy investment forecast is fair

The world’s renewable energy investment forecast is fair

A lot of eyes are currently focused on the renewable energy investment scene because of the incredible returns it can potentially provide investors.

How? Because of the sheer amount of long-term renewable energy projects occurring worldwide as the world bids to exist on a future run by clean energy. The planning and adoption of clean energy across the globe has seen a boom in renewable energy investment growth as savers look to grow their money in ethical ways.

The high potential returns on offer from clean energy too make the renewable energy investment forecast look positively sunny, especially if areas such as Ethiopia and the Maldives achieve their future targets.

A positive-looking renewable energy investment forecast

The two countries are part of a group of 48 vowing to run off 100% clean energy by 2050. The areas are where climate change is hitting hardest, and is promising to work “as rapidly as possible” to implement clean energy solutions.

Renewable energy investment can not only help savers to grow their money, but also support projects similar to these to help countries and businesses run more of their infrastructure from clean energy.

Renewable energy investment can also take advantage of new, innovative trends. Wales, for instance, has been using its renewable energy investment wisely and is now one of the leading countries in the world – alongside Scotland – when it comes to clean energy production.

According to Green Alliance, counties in Wales such as Gwynedd and Mid Glamorgan are said to be the most improved when it comes to implementing solar and wind power. So much so that onshore wind power is now said to be cheaper than building new gas plants.

Capitalising on the trend of renewable energy investment growth

Morocco is another country that’s leading the way when it comes to clean energy solutions, especially in Africa.

As well as changes in the law such as banning plastic bags entirely and replacing its old bus and taxi fleets, Morocco is well on course to have more than half of its energy come from renewables by 2020.

They’ve reached this stage because of significant investment into its infrastructure, with new solar farms, wind and hydraulic dams being built to change the way the country views its energy status.

Before the projects almost all of Morocco’s energy was imported as the country had no fossil fuel reserves. Not only does it give Morocco more energy independence, but they’re looking to harness the energy they’re collecting and sell it to other countries.

Morocco isn’t just leading the way in Africa but across the globe with its renewable efforts. Savers and investors can look toward clean energy projects such as these to grow their capital in the long-term, and back a clean ethical sector that can only benefit the future direction of the planet.

Want to learn more about growing your savings and enjoying potential 9% quarterly returns? Discover what you can achieve from today’s positive renewable energy investment forecast. Speak to the Heron Global Partners team today.

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General Motors embraces renewable energy investment opportunities

General Motors embraces renewable energy investment opportunities

The renewable energy investment scene has been closely following the progress of the RE100 for a while now.

It’s something we’ve mentioned previously on our blog, and has helped turned people onto the world of clean energy and the renewable energy investment opportunities available to them that will help grow their finances.

The RE100 is a group of the world’s largest and most visible companies, all coming together to commit to powering their operations entirely through 100% renewable power.

With companies as influential as Apple, Nike, News Corp, the Scottish and Welsh governments and Google all involved, it’s little wonder that renewable energy investment is growing in popularity with such backing.

Grow your savings with renewable energy investment opportunities

One company that’s embracing its commitment to the RE100 model is General Motors, which has recently made its largest renewable energy purchase so far by buying a third of the power generated by a Cactus Flats wind farm development in Texas.

General Motors has purchased 50 MW of the 150 MW farm which will come online in the first half of 2018, and it’s set to power 16 of the company’s US-based facilities.

Movements such as these are excellent news from a renewable energy investment point of view. As Amy Davidsen, The Climate Group’s Executive Director, North America points out, “going 100% renewable makes business sense”.

General Motors is undoubtedly setting trends when it comes to investing in clean energy and are seeing the benefits first-hand of commercial renewable energy investment.

It’s not just businesses looking into becoming 100% run on renewable energy. 48 countries have recently agreed to run entirely from clean energy by 2050, and includes nations disproportionately affected by climate change including Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

How renewable energy investment funds can give you a savings boost

Scotland, one of the first destinations people look to for renewable energy investment, could be running on 50% renewable energy solutions by 2030 according to experts.

While momentum is certainly strong on a global level when it comes to adopting clean energy, there’s little doubt that the influence of the world’s largest companies will help achieve targets faster.

General Motors in fact, as well as the other companies within the RE100, are urging the European Union to encourage policymakers to revise energy legislation.

Doing so will help support businesses looking to go 100% renewable according to RE100, and further encourage clean energy adoption throughout business communities. It will also help global leaders reach their energy targets, and herald the dawn of a zero-emissions economy.

We’ll have to wait and see how the EU responds, and other economies like it. Whatever the reaction though, investing in renewable projects is a great way for savers and investors to diversify their portfolios into the green energy sector, as well as backing ethical opportunities to grow their money.

If you’re looking to grow your savings in a clean, ethical way, renewable energy investment opportunities may be an intriguing way to give your finances a boost. Contact Heron Global Partners today to find out more about potential quarterly returns of 9%.


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How to invest in renewable energy bonds and join the corporate trend

How to invest in renewable energy bonds and join the corporate trend

When we talk to people about how to invest in renewable energy bonds, we point to so many positive industry trends. 

One of the more intriguing trends happening at the moment is that companies are being issued with energy labels to show their energy credentials. This reveals the source of the energy they invest in, and the carbon content of the electricity they purchase.

The labels are provided by independent renewable energy supplier SmartestEnergy. They not only highlight why renewable energy bonds are rising in popularity, but also show the commercial conscience that’s growing among companies of all shapes and sizes.

Why invest in renewable energy bonds to follow corporate trends?

Around 500 companies have so far received the labels (including Saint-Gobain UK, Willmott Dixon and University of London) There are set to be more options to invest in profitable renewable energy bonds than ever, as more commercial entities join to follow this renewable trend.

A survey by commissioned by Haven Power has discovered that smaller businesses especially want to embrace renewables for their enterprises. In fact, nearly three quarters want their energy suppliers to show more commitment to renewable energy.

If anything though, larger and more established companies are feeling the pressure to become more energy compliant. This was recently confirmed by The Carbon Trust’s managing director advisory Hugh Jones.

“Businesses have an important role to play in ensuring the UK meets its carbon reduction targets and it is initiatives like [energy labels] that are helping to empower businesses to choose renewable power.”

How to invest in renewable energy bonds and grow your savings

A number of the world’s most powerful companies, including GM and Apple, have already signed up to the RE100 initiative in an effort to run entirely from renewable energy. GM is currently working hard to bring renewables to its 350 facilities worldwide, which will be no easy task.

At least they’re trying though, alongside the other 60+ companies in the RE100. While social and political factors have no doubt played a part, the feeling is that a younger rhetoric is also taking hold in commercial enterprises, with millennials apparently doing all they can to secure a future on renewable energies.

Renewable energy bonds also represent a fantastic way for investors to grow their money. In the wind sector, for instance, investors who know how to invest in renewable energy bonds can make between 6.09% and 10% fixed returns, with capital growth options also available.

Whether the opportunity’s commercial or otherwise, renewable energy bonds represent one of the easiest ways for investors to back the clean energy market and grow their savings. This is thanks to the wealth of renewable options available to back in a sector that’s growing exponentially across the globe, at a time when fossil fuels continue to struggle.

Want to know how to invest in renewable energy bonds for a 10% fixed return, with investments starting from as low as £10,000? Contact Heron Global Partners today.

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Commodities woe as wind helps blow away oil investment

Commodities woe as wind helps blow away oil investment

Investment in wind energy is still seen by many as a high risk venture. However, there was little Christmas cheer for stock markets last week, and the finger was pointed squarely at the oil industry.

Last Friday was an awful day for investors with the BBC reporting that the amount of commodities shares that were dumped led to the FTSE 100 closing under 6,000 points. (more…)

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