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These companies are all investing in renewable energy bonds

These companies are all investing in renewable energy bonds

Investing in renewable energy bonds is a serious venture for individuals to consider. After all, we’re living in a time where renewable energy growth is big business, and numerous companies are investing millions in the sector.

People seeking a serious financial opportunity should seriously consider how to invest in renewable energy bonds in order to achieve fixed-rate returns. By diversifying one’s investment to include a clean and ethical industry, renewable energy bonds can also help investors to take advantage of fast-paced trends.

We’ve mentioned the RE100 before; a group of the world’s largest companies (including Apple, Google and Microsoft) committed to running off 100% renewable energy.

Now, thanks to new introductions in the UK, smaller companies can now take advantage of a commercial renewable future.

Why investing in renewable energy bonds makes sense

Independent energy supplier Good Energy is making waves in the commercial scene after it launched online platform Selectricity. This is a peer-to-peer platform which promises to give businesses greater access to local renewable energy generators, in order to help them cut their carbon footprints.

Greater commercial access to renewable energy solutions is fantastic news for the UK, especially as the government is putting its support behind the project. In fact, the platform has been part-funded by the government in an effort to help businesses choose their energy solutions and run from cleaner energy.

It’s not a gimmick. The entire National Grid is also feverishly planning ahead to put itself in line with energy trends, and be ready for a future where the country is run on renewable energy.

The renewables sector is progressing rapidly not just in the UK, but across the globe. There are numerous serious commercial opportunities enabling investors to grow their savings, making a renewable energy bonds an extremely worthwhile option to consider.

How to invest in renewable energy bonds for potentially large returns

Renewable energy bonds are a fantastic opportunity for savers looking to grow their money in a world of negative interest rates. With the non-renewables industry still struggling, renewables can represent an impressive long-term investment opportunity.

What’s more, a lot of those clean energy opportunities can be found in the UK. Eight global renewable energy giants have recently come together, for instance, to put £500 million of investment into tidal wave projects off the coast of Anglesey.

At the same time, Aviva has invested into four English renewable energy projects, with a fifth project lined up, as the company looks to diversify its energy expenditure.

All the while, new research projects are aiming to make the North of England one of the world’s leading hubs for green energy manufacturing and export for residential and commercial benefits. Most importantly, the projects are going to focus on the economic benefits of renewables; something more and more people are waking up to, especially from an investment perspective.

Wondering how investing in renewable energy bonds can earn potential returns of 9% (depending on your options) in a fixed-return, asset-backed manner? Contact us today to find out more.

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Investing in renewable energy bonds with the help of new tech

Investing in renewable energy bonds with the help of new tech

You shouldn’t be turned off from investing in renewable energy bonds if you’re worried about factors such as energy storage.

Reports have emerged recently, stating that both Germany and China are having to slow down their renewables production. This is because the clean energy they’re producing is simply too much for their energy grids to handle.

That’s not necessarily bad news. In fact, it’s can be seen as a positive when it comes to investing in renewable energy bonds. It proves that the technology is working to generate clean energy for the world’s largest nations. If anything, a better strategy needs to be laid down to improve national grids and energy storage capacity.

Investing in renewable energy bonds to back the clean energy market

Those steps are already being taken in the UK. A breakthrough’s recently happened where data has been transmitted across the national energy grid for the first time in its history.

It’s not just great news for the renewable energy bonds market, but for the nation as a whole. It could lead to the creation of virtual power stations, and help homes and businesses to manage their electricity consumption in smarter ways.

This isn’t a one-off story. There are numerous examples across the world of renewable energy technologies being better refined, including wind turbines and solar panels. As technology advances and storage options becomes better, it could lead to us seeing a world run entirely from renewables sooner rather than later.

Those developments can also help investors grow their money through renewable energy bonds as projects advance across the globe. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has recently called for renewables technology to become better refined to scale it up within inner cities by 2030, something which a number of providers are working on currently; another smart reason to invest in renewable energy bonds.

How to buy renewable energy bonds that offer fixed returns

Over in France and company, Nexans has produced a new generation of medium-voltage cables specifically designed to connect renewable energy sources to the grid. Not only will it offer a reduced environmental impact – it will also make joining renewables to the grid more cost-effective than ever.

Coming back to Germany… while it may have problems with the grid, energy storage specialists Sonnen GmbH are hard at work developing new, better batteries for long-term storage. Solar-plus-storage systems and other energy sharing platforms are also in development.

Technology is progressing alongside the growth of renewables in general. There may even be a time when we’re realistically harnessing the power of solar winds through extremely long cables.

Overall, it speaks volumes about the fast, progressive growth of the renewable energy market. Investors can potentially make significant gains if they back the right renewable energy bonds. As the industry grows, investors can grow their savings in fixed-rate, asset-backed ways with the right bond options.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about how to buy renewable energy bonds to diversify your portfolio. Back a clean, green ethical industry, and enjoy potential 10% returns from the wind energy market.

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