UK property investment is still a favourite worldwide

UK property investment is still a favourite worldwide

Last year, we faced fears of recession, uncertainty surrounding the outcome of Brexit, and various other economic and political influences. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how resilient the UK property investment market has proven to be for investors, especially those considering a property bond.

Our property options are drawing investors from far and wide toward the UK, with property bond investment especially popular because of changes to buy to let and other varying factors.

With many experts predicting the property market in the UK would crash post-Brexit referendum, there has been much surprise with the commercial and residential sectors going from strength to strength.

Investors can take advantage of that good feeling with a fixed-return property bond that grows their savings.

Why are so many people considering a property bond investment?

So why does a UK property investment look so attractive? We’ve mentioned some of the negative factors, but there are also numerous positive benefits of a property bond beyond the potentially high returns on offer.

The market’s sheer resilience – proved first-hand recently – is a major factor in attracting investment. The current weakness of the pound against other currencies has also encouraged foreign investors to take the plunge, especially from North America considering the currency’s current strength against the dollar.

Individuals still find the consistently strong yields a draw when it comes to UK property investment, although the changes in buy to let legislation are making that a trickier investment avenue to go down (hence people turning to the security offered by a fixed-return property bond). Bonds are still offering better yields than buy to let.

The property scene is also seeing the introduction of a new breed of investor within the UK as Britons look to get on the housing ladder as new builds finish completion and people enjoying their pension freedoms looking to grow their money in bricks and mortar.

Building a UK property investment portfolio

When talking about UK property investment, it’s also important to look further afield and consider the political climate across the globe. Since Donald Trump has become President-elect, many over in the US are apaprently considering the prospect of moving to the UK, despite Brexit looming.

Closer to home, many experts believe that a forthcoming ratings revaluation will boost regional investment markets. Meanwhile, opportunities outside of London are also expected to grow thanks to falling rates bills.

Overall, though, all of these factors and more paint a picture of a strong, resilient UK property market. It offers enormous opportunities for investors to grow their money whilst interest rates are either low or negative – another reason why people look at property. Pick the right bond options, too, and there’s the potential there to seriously grow your funds from a low entry level investment.

If you’d like to build a property bond portfolio and see potential returns of 42.5% depending on the options you consider, earning in a fixed-return asset-backed way in a government-backed sector, contact Heron Global Partners today to find out more.

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